When curiosity meets forward thinking, brands become unparalleled.

Great branding and design agencies promise a certain menu of services and solutions. Knowing to take those menu items and combine them with some very crucial elements is our competitive edge:

  • An Insights-driven Brief

  • Exceptional Partnerships

  • Open Communication

  • On-point Project Management

  • Targeted Creative

Our work spans the CPG landscape from the food, spirits, and health & beauty industries to pharmaceutical and hardware. We continually strive to stay in-the-know and attend industry events on design, global trends and innovations. This ensures that every detail of your project has been considered for every opportunity.

Whatever your creative challenge, we’re here for you!



Tackling design challenges since 1992 means we’ve refined and perfected our approach. Because no two projects are the same, we purposefully crafted “The Whole Package” to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

 *Each phase and the services within a phase can be individually tailored to suit your needs. The lists below are simply a sample of what can be done over the course of a project.


We make work, what needs to work.


UP-FRONT ANALYSIS - We fully immerse ourselves in every aspect of your brand, category, and audience.

  • Project scope defined, leveraging client brief

  • Project estimation

  • Comprehensive brand audit

  • Audit of the retail environment

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT – We prepare concepts that align with the project’s strategic goals.

  • Concept generation

  • Revisions leading to final concept approval

ARTWORK EXECUTION – Only with concept approval and review of initial budget is finished art begun.

  • Production art development

  • Imaging

  • Proofreading

  • Liaise or source print vendors

  • Translation

  • Regulatory

  • Legal

  • File prep


We care enough to get it right.

Like any great recipe, our success isn’t the result of any one thing, but rather an intentional combination of exceptional ingredients:

  • We operate as partners because we are in it for the long term. To us, there is no line between client and agency; we are simply the creative department down the hall.

  • We understand that a perfect balance between creativity and process must exist for extraordinary things to occur; we pride ourselves on our strategy as much as our attention to detail.

  • We believe that direct contact with the right people is essential to the success of a project; we don’t create unnecessary layers for you to navigate through when speaking with us.

Our logo is an exclamation mark for good reason. We are passionate, interested, we believe strongly in what we do, and we aren’t finished until it is done right!


 The drive to play our A-game never ends


 The drive to play our A-game never ends


 The drive to play our A-game never ends


 The drive to play our A-game never ends


We’ve seen designs win awards for exceptional packaging and then be pulled from the shelves, due to low sales. So, we choose to measure success by client happiness. Whether that happiness is a result of increased sales, internal kudos from their executives, or knowing they have a partner to support them in their efforts, we look to our clients to tell us how we’ve done.

That said, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with an award-winning team, having received multiple gold, silver and “Best in Show” awards from the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC).


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